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Healthy Vegan Nutty Granola Bars

I got the Healthy Vegan Nutty Granola Bars recipe when I was living in Florida. Surprisingly at Jiffy Lube the auto car center.

It was me and this other women who were waiting for our cars and we just started talking about cooking. After our hour wait I knew about her holiday meals and her favorite recipes.

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Couples Getaway in Virginia
Travel Virginia

Couples Getaway in Virginia for Fall

Couples Getaway in Virginia is the ideal place to relax. Not to mention the official slogan on every licenses plate says, “Virginia is for Lovers.”

The beauty of Virginia is that you go one direction, the mountains appear, another direction and I’m in the Atlantic Ocean. The fall season for Couples Getaway in Virginia makes it relaxing.

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Travel DC

Renwick Gallery in Washington DC

Renwick Gallery in Washington DC has the No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man exhibit. The interesting part is the walking tour outside of the Renwick.

Renwick Gallery in Washington DC
There are six sculptures displayed from Burning Man are on the DC streets to enjoy. This is truly what you would call Museum without Walls. READ More>

Travel Charleston SC

Places to Eat in Charleston SC

The best places to eat in Charleston SC are the ones the locals recommend and for sure all were unbelievable. I did not have any thing that was not delicious.

Thanks to Cambron Elsey who is a local realtor in the Charleston area. Her recommendation were the best on places to eat in Charleston SC. READ More>

Travel Charleston SC

Things to Do in Charleston SC

We found plenty of things to do in Charleston for a 4 day getaway. I had never been to Charleston so this was treat to visit a true southern town in the United States.

Considering Charleston has been voted the number one city  in the USA by Travel + Leisure, we decided to check it out. Before I left I did some research for things to do in Charleston for my 4 day getaway and here is what we managed to get to when we were there. READ More>