My 30 Days on Intermittent Fasting Results

I was very pleased with my Intermittent Fasting Results after 30 days. It is not a diet plan but more of a eating schedule that results in losing weight.

Even though I follow a low-carb and gluten-free diet almost 95% of the time and plant-base 80%, once I entered into perimenopause everything changed.

That is the part that most people in the diet world do not really talk about and I had no luck finding a doctor that actually understands women’s hormones change on my insurance. 

Nothing worked for me, it’s amazing how quickly it happens so I was determined to find a solution! Especially after watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which one isn’t perimenopause?? Come on ladies, they are all over 45 years old. The other thing I noticed was being in Europe, most women in that age group are not overweight and most don’t take hormone replacement. So what is it in America that makes women so heavy during that time of change? SUGAR!!!

SUGAR is my poison!!! Who would think, but thanks to my nutrition doctor and Dr Becky. I have been feeling better and starting to lose weight without giving up everything I love to eat! It’s very simple, when estrogen is low, sugar is craved. That is what happens to me and yet I thought it was normal so I had a piece of chocolate cake, even if it was gluten-free, or a Dry Martini with extra olives. All leading to sugar. It’s everywhere including in all our breads in America. French bread does not use sugar in the bread.

For my first 30 Day challenge for the year, I decided to speed up my weight-loss with Intermittent Fasting which has given me the best results. I have lost 5 pound and cheated 1 day a week. This has never happen to me in the past 3 years, unless I watched everything I ate to lose weight. NO FUN! Here is what happen to me while I did intermittent fasting.

Intermittent Fasting Benefits for Me

  • Felt less foggy in the brain
  • My skin feels great, not so dry!
  • Less joint pain
  • Weight loss
  • My hot flashes were less

Intermittent Fasting Side Effects for Me

  • Constantly thirsty, carrying water became a must
  • Headache for the first few days
  • Had an empty stomach in the morning
  • More bowel movement during the day
  • I craved apples during the day

The part that was the most interesting to me was the fasting period of 14 hours and sometimes 15 hours. I did not realize how many time I get a snack or nibble on something until these past 30 days. The longest I was able to go was 15 hours, anything longer was just going to make me sick. I’m sure not everyone is the same but for me that was my limit. Most intermittent fasting articles  recommend fasting for 16 hours and eating during the 8 hour window.

Low-Carb Breakfast

During my fasting state, I actually was asleep! So the only time I was not eating was 6am to 10am, and in the evening, I stopped eating at 7pm. At first I did have 3 meals but by the end of the 1st week I went down to two meals. I also still followed my Low-Carb diet with many Vegan meals in between.

Some Notes from My Journal Each Week

Week 1
“I had such a headache today and I am hungry but I will make it if I go to bed early! Boy, do I feel thirsty! I just want to drink water.”

Week 2
“I’m starting to feel better with less of headache. My thirst is just getting worse! Drink, Drink, Drink! I did notice by 5 o’clock I am really hungry, I wonder why?”

Week 3
“I’m losing weight! I can’t believe it. The part I noticed the most is NO bloating. I can’t explain it but I have not had any bloating while I have been on this eating schedule.

Week 4
“It’s official I lost 5 pounds in 30 day, which is about 2 pounds a week. I think if I did not have a cheat day I would have lost more.”

Low-Carb Lunch

So I decided to continue until I achieve my goal weight because of my Degenerative Spine DiseaseDoctors orders from my last visit. I am overweight for my condition which most people would think I am at a normal weight but not for me. Weight is the biggest issue for joint and spine issues, not to mention menopause. As difficult as it is to suffer with chronic back pain, my main focus is controlling it to a management level.

The biggest wake up call during these last 30 days is when I made a dessert with powdered sugar. I had a few pieces to taste and after 2 hours I was in horrible pain. I could feel it just getting worse. Which left me to think, is there more to this with insulin levels changing rapidly with people who have chronic disease? Another fact that became obvious to me, was it tasted sooooo sweet. My taste bud were also changing with everything I was eating.

My next challenge is Water and all it’s healing powers that it has so I decided to challenge myself for February. My Doctor said the minimum I should drink for water is 2 liters. Wow that is a lot of water so let me see if she is right. Stay Tune for February Challenge – Drinking 2 Liters of Water A Day, Does it Improve My Joint Pain? See ya  for the results.

Low-Carb Salads

NUTRITIONAL DISCLAIMER: I am not a certified nutritionist or dietician. I am just sharing my own food journey and experiences on this blog. This site is for entertainment purposes only.

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