Easy Detox for the New Year

What’s an Easy Detox for the New Year for me is none other then a nice warm soup. It’s what I turn to at the end of the holiday season to reboot my body back to health. With all the sugar I have consumed and let’s not forget bread and biscuits, OH MY!


I can always tell when I have over done it. My back begins to hurt, joints hurt, constant headache, and my skin gets super dry. Even on cold winter nights my body does not feel this bad unless I am eating sugar. So off I go to the grocery store to purchase my detox list. Which I can tell you right now Jeff is all about it because he isn’t feeling to great himself.

It took me a long time to understand what certain foods do to my health. So now I try to eat 90% health healing foods with 10% let me have some fun food. You know like a potatoe chip or a chocolate chip cookie! Once in awhile but I usually pay the price the next day with my joints and especially my back hurting. So here are a few things that I get for the next 7 Days

  • Fresh ginger for tea – first thing in the morning
  • spring water – all day I try to drink water
  • mint gum – I love gum and the mint taste : )
  • lemons – I put these in my water
  • raw carrots – I eat these during the day as snack foods
  • salt scrub – 2 times this week I will salt scrub in the shower
  • foot detox pads – I got some for Christmas and it will be my first time trying this!

Then I make these fabulous soups to help out the rest! It’s a tough week but I can do it!!!! Stay tune for every Friday this month – #FoodFilmFriday

Detox Carrot and Ginger Soup in the Crock Pot

7 Day Detox Cabbage Soup

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