George Washington Birthday Celebration

George Washington Birthday is a big deal in Old Town Alexandria. There are street parades, events all over town, and let’s not forget the bars and restaurants are filled with birthday celebrations.

For most of the United States it’s a federal holiday with discount commercials being advertised for President Day. Not for Old Town Alexandria, it is a month of remembering the father of our country, something they don’t take lightly here. 

As time grows near to his birthday parade, the streets are filled with people in period costume. Not to mention, specials on the menu in honor of George Washington (GW).

We celebrated Washington birthday last year by attending his parade that starts near King Street. People fill the street as soldiers march in honor of GW and the crowds cheers with honor. It definitely a birthday party except the guess of honor is the first president, not to mention he’s dead.

George Washington Key Facts

  • He became a Mason at 12 years old.
  • He was very tall for his time 6’3’
  • Martha and George had no children together.
  • His favorite dessert was Whisky Cake

When your living in such a historical town, you sometimes forget that your walking the same streets as George and Martha Washington did at one time.

That’s why, I think the month of February is the best time to visit the DC area. It’s a time of celebration with everyone pleasantly happy walking down King Street to explore George Washington Birthday events.

Gadsby’s Tavern

But that’s not all, Old Town has much more to enjoy during the month of February. The boutiques are filled with sales to honor Presidents day and restaurants are filled with specials on the menu.

The best one to going back in time is the Gadsby’s Tavern where everything is 1700’s style. The menu is set up for original meals that GW might of had with Martha as a date night. 

Mount Vernon

When your done with Old Town, visit Mount Vernon Estate to explore the beauty of Virginia. George and Martha’s home has been maintained in 1700’s style that will definitely not be on HGTV. Yet it was considered a very rich and well to do home of it’s time, it would not be suitable for all our electronics today. No Electricity!

It will take you about 3 hours to tour the plantation. Very easy to get to from King Street with bus routes all day. The Mount Vernon Admission is $25 per person.

George Washington Masonic Memorial

George Washington Masonic Memorial over looks the city of Alexandria, VA. It can’t be missed from King Street because it’s on top of a hill that over looks Old Town. Dedicated to George Washington, the most famous Mason in the United States. Don’t know what a Freemason is? Dan Brown brought a little light to the Masons in the The Da Vinci Code, which is a great story if I may say so.

When you get to the top of the building, step onto the deck and view DC monuments as far as the eye can see. The tour will give you a brief history along with artifacts from George Washington personal items. The cost to admission: $15 per person.

Parade Route

The George Washington Birthday Parade is held, Monday in February 18, 2019. It’s about a one-mile route along the historic streets of Old Town. The oldest and largest parade celebrating for the birth of George Washington.Download Parade Map

One of the things that we have really enjoyed about living here, is the history. Not the stuff that you learn in school but the everyday that leads to a Civil War. It’s amazing the stories and dairies, along with old newspapers of it’s time that paint a picture that makes more sense. The relationships among the settlers and how so many of them were all related to each other some how. Which is one way to keep the wealth in one pot and they did.  Jeff keeps saying that he wishes that his history class were more like the tours with historian tour guides, he would of paid more attention in school.


Places to Stay

  1. Kimpton Lorien Hotel & Spa
  2. The Westin Alexandria
  3. Hilton Alexandria Old Town
  4. The Alexandrian, Autograph Collection

My Favorite Places to Eat



Flying into DCA? Car rentals are available at the airport and easy to get to without too much hassle. The airport has Metro service to Old Town which is only 3 stops. I would recommend renting a car to visit the mountains and vineyards. The Potomac River has a water taxi services that makes it easy to get around Washington DC.

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