Agenda for the 4th of July in Washington DC

Agenda for the 4th of July in Washington DC is what I put together for my 14 year old nephew visit. There is so much to see in DC and you could be here for a year and still not see everything.

Agenda for the 4th of July in Washington DCSo I narrowed it down based on my nephews interest. I also realized over time that when on any type of vacation an agenda comes in handy.

It illuminates confusion on where to go or who wants to do what at what time. With your trusty agenda, you know where to go and if others don’t want to, they go somewhere else. This is why cruises are so popular. They tell you where to go and you can get off if you want to or stay on the boat. Very simple!

Now, keep in mind, my nephew is not use to walking, he lives in the suburbs where he is chauffeured around by his trusted grandmother. So I know this is a challenge but there is no way around this if you would like to see all these places some power walking in town will be needed.

I picked the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum so my nephew could understand that only 70 years ago the world was a very different place. It’s an important time to remember and to feel grateful for our own life that we live today. 

The next is the National Air and Space Museum – Smithsonian Institution because he loves math and what better place to see math in action then the National Air and Space Museum. It’s a place that has all the bells and whistles to see how far we have come to understand life far beyond ours.


Agenda for the 4th of July in Washington DC

Now it wouldn’t be the 4th of July without good old George Washington and General Robert E. Lee. So I planned the adventures of George Washington stumping grounds so he could walk the streets of our first President of the United States. I call it the,  “Life of GW.”



Agenda for the 4th of July in Washington DC

What’s the best places to see the fireworks at the Capital you ask? Everyone goes to National Mall but remember you must get there early. It gets very crowded.

Tuesday – 4th of July

  • The National Mall – hopefully it will not rain
  • Here is a great link on the best places to see the fireworks in DC.

Note: Pack a lunch in a backpack so you can maximums your day. There are groceries stores that will make sandwiches, buy apples or bananas, and chips. Bring backpacks that are insulted so they have multi-purposes. Let everyone have there own backpack so there is no fighting on who gets what.

You will need the following for your travels:

  • Swim shorts
  • Water bottle that has a screw top so it does not leak
  • Backpack – best if insulted.
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Comfortable shoes for long periods of walking
  • Sandals for the pool – hotels tend to have pools. 

I wish you all a Happy 4th of July for all your friends and family!

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