Tips on Touring Washington DC with Teenagers

Tips on Touring Washington DC with a teenager to make it easy and fun.  

Tips on Touring Washington DC with Teenagers

First of all lets remember one thing about teenagers, they know everything. Second a tour for teenagers is not the same as for adults so be clear how you will spend the time.

Tips on Touring Washington DC with TeenagersThe first thing I do is set up an agenda so they know exactly what they are going to do. You know how they love to ask the question, “What are we going to do?” Now they know. I also have learned while living  in DC, you need good walking shoes. This is probably the most important thing to remember because one needs to walk to see the monuments. If your feet hurt then it makes for a miserable time. Children will complain the same as adults so here is a list of shoes that I buy for walking around town.

Favorite Walking Shoes

Then I have my favorite clothes to wear while Touring Washington DC to stay coal. Gym clothes that absorbs the sweat and keep you cool when your working out so they do the same on long walks in 90º weather. I made sure my nephew had a wicker absorbing shirt.

Favorite Clothes for Walking

Tips on Touring Washington DC with TeenagersThen we have hats for our head, yes I wear a hat all the time Touring Washington DC. Number one reason, WRINKLES! But for my nephew so I won’t lose him. The hat acts the same way as a antenna topper for your car in a parking lot. You can spot them a mile away. I always try to get a real colorful one so its easy for me to see his bouncing head in a crowd.

Favorite Hats

Tips on Touring Washington DC with TeenagersLast but not least, a backpack. Now trying to find the perfect backpack is a challenge because one backpack can not do it all. I currently own 5 for different purposes in my life. The one I use for walking is light weight and insulted to keep food cool. My favorite backpack is 12 years old and even my husband has come to love it. The other thing is I can’t keep to much weight on my back or I will experience pain very quickly. Kids are use to walking with a backpack for school so they are use to having one on everyday. This is the one thing I have never heard them complain of having there backpack for the walk.

Favorite BackPack

Tips on Touring Washington DC with TeenagersNow what do we put in our backpack you ask? Only what is needed for the day. Keep in mind, you will be on your feet for at least 3-4 hours at a time until your next destination. I have perfected this for myself so day trips with Jeff are very pleasant where we both look forward to it.

Things that are in my BackPack

  • sandwich
  • apple/banana
  • granola bar
  • screw top water bottle
  • trail mix
  • phone
  • hair tie
  • gum/candy
  • map of the area
  • hand sanitize
  • tampons
  • wipes
  • kleenex

So as we travel with our nephew Touring Washington DC and seeing his excitement for each place that we visited. I also witness when he was tired. Know when to stop when they are tired is key on any trip. Sometimes they just need a nap!

Tips on Touring Washington DC with Teenagers

Tips on Touring Washington DC with Teenagers

Hope everyone is enjoying there summer. 

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