Cherry Blossom Washington DC

Cherry Blossom Washington DC has arrived and we were off on this beautiful Saturday morning. The trees have been delayed due to the cold weather we have had this month.

Cherry Blossom
Yet it has not stopped everyone from coming during the Easter weekend to see the Cherry Blossom in Washington DC. I being one of them that has been on #cherryblossomwatch since the beginning of March. I am determine to see them in full bloom! Jeff thinks I have gone nuts which at times I do agree.

Cherry Blossom Washington DCWho would of thought there where only 8 to 10 days and then they are gone. Not to mentioned the rain and the wind can just blow them away and bye-bye Cherry Blossoms!

Cherry Blossom Washington DC

The only thing I reeaaally want to see is the cherry blossoms in full bloom. I am determine this year will be it! I navigate the weather weekly to see what best time it will be for blossom alert and photo opportunity. Yes I now receive morning updates on Cherry Blossom in Washington DC.

Cherry Blossom Washington DCOnce your in the Tidal Basin area it truly is magic. As the sun begins to set and it glazes over these magical trees, it feels like a fairytale place. You can’t help but be touched by the beautiful surroundings of the Cherry Blossoms.

To think, this is not even full blossom. Not to worry I will be back for full bloom this next weekend and drag Jeff along!

Cherry Blossom Washington DC


  • I packed a lunch for us – the food trucks will have long lines
  • Water bottle
  • Sanitizers
  • Camera
  • Batteries
  • Extra Undershirt incase it gets cold
  • Sunglasses – the sun is strong

Cherry Blossom Washington DC


  • Holiday Inn Washington DC – Capitol
  • Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C – High Rates for the season
  • Hyatt Place Washington DC/National Mall

Cherry Blossom Washington DC


The closest places to eat without walking to far

  • Food Trucks
  • US Holocaust Museum Cafe
  • Castle Café
  • USDA South Building Cafeteria

Beware of the funnel cake. As soon as you walk by and smell the aroma in the air, it is so tempting that I had to buy one for $7 a piece. Well worth the wait but by night time I was in a Carb COMA! Who doesn’t love funnel cake?

Funnel Cake

Hope you enjoyed the post, please leave a comment below. See ya thursday for a surprise recipe from New England.


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