George Washington Birthday Parade

George Washington Birthday Parade – I know I am a little late posting this wonderful day from last month but have to share. George Washington Birthday Parade
Our first president of the United States live on in Old Town. So we decided to gear up and off we went. Was a little rainy that day but that didn’t stop the parade from going continuing.

George Washington Birthday Parade
We had heard of George Washington Parade but never thought it was this big! As we walked down the street to take a few pictures because I want any excuse to celebrate a birthday so I can ask for a piece of cake! Which as you walk down Kings Street you will find many little coffee shops with cupcakes to be served. My excuse to get one was it’s George Washington Birthday!!!

Jeff filmed the parade as I stood in the rain eating my treats from my backpack. One thing I love about this town are the people in costume from the 1700’s. They were here at the parade today but I have to tell ya a little weird when you see them at night. All of sudden a person in costume will run by you and you think it’s a ghost! Then again maybe it is?

George Washington Birthday Parade

What to Bring for a Parade:

  • Camera
  • Throw blanket to sit or stay warm
  • Hat to keep the sun out of your eyes
  • Sunglasses
  • Bottle water is always needed
  • Find the parade route before you leave the house
  • Bring clothes that you can peel layers if it gets hot.
  • Snack bars are aways a good idea
  • Umbrella, if it looks like rain, it will rain

George Washington Birthday ParadeMy Favorite Hotels in Old Town

  1. Kimpton Lorien Hotel & Spa

George Washington Birthday ParadeMy Favorite Places to Eat

As the George Washington Birthday Parade ended we decided to get a bite to eat. One of our favorite places that was close to the parade was Landini Brothers Restaurant. Another great day in a small town with great food. Let me know where you like to go get a bite to eat in your town.

Stay tune for Thursday healthy, gluten free recipe from around the world.

George Washington Birthday Parade


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