The Snow Day in Old Town – No School!

The Snowy Day in Old Town was beautiful and resulted in no school! I know I’m a little old for the no school thing but I love hearing it. Do you like snow days as much as me?

the snowy day
I LOVE Snow days as much as I love a sunny day on a beautiful beach. Now it’s time to gear up all the winter jacket and boots with gloves and don’t forget the scarf.

I decided to walk outside and take a few pictures before the storm go worse today. It was like a white blanket that covered the town. After 2 years living in the area, I finally get to see a winter wonderland. Why doesn’t it snow on Christmas?

the snowy dayJeff came out to make sure I didn’t fall on my face with the camera in my hand. As you can see he is all bundled up for the snow storm and a cup of coffee. To my surprise Starbucks seems to never close.

the snowy day
The street are not cleared up and the plows are not out in the area. You can tell people are scared to drive in this weather. Unlike New England where you see plows coming a day before to get ready for a storm.

the snowy dayThe Government of Washington DC is closed and half the companies in the area are empty parking lots. Everything is at a dead stop except for the kids throwing snow balls.
the snowy day

The Snow Day

the snowy day
As I was walking back I could tell the people in the car must of thought I was crazy walking around with my camera around my neck covered in snow. They all stopped for me to cross the street instead of waiting for my cross signal which I thought, how nice they think I’m nuts! No one ever does that around here, they will run you over. Is it snowing in your area?

the snowy day
This weeks is March for Our Lives which is bring in tons of teenagers across the country which all the hotels and restaurants have been packed with there parents. I’m sure they are loving the snow and having some fun before March for Our Lives.

the snowy daythe snowy dayAs I return home to get out of my wet close, I am greeted with a smiling face and a kiss. Nothing better then a snow day for a little extra love.

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