The Results of the Military Diet

Results of the Military DietOk I am done! This diet definitely works if you stick to it. I lost 5 pounds and I was really hungry around 5pm. The next day I had to have an extra apple and banana just to make it threw the day. I would definitely try it again because I didn’t feel bloated at all. The best part is I felt like I had extra energy which I was surprised. This is not a long term diet but to get  a quick start on losing a few pounds. So before my birthday weekend I was all about it so I would not put on any extra weight. I cheated and had everything I wanted without feeling a bit guilty about it. I do recommended drinking a lot of water during this time because it does help you feel full.

DAY 2 | Total Calories 919

Breakfast: 1 egg cooked/cal. 78 | 1 slice of  gluten free bread/cal. 70 | 1/2 banana/cal. 31
Total Calories: 179

Lunch:  1 cup cottage cheese/cal. 222 | 1 hardboiled egg/cal. 78 | 5 saltine crackers/cal. 42
Total Calories: 342

Dinner: 2 hot dogs/cal. 151| 1 cup of broccoli/cal. 32 | 1/2 cup of carrots/cal. 25 |  1/2 banana/cal. 53 | 1 cup of ice cream/cal. 137
Total Calories: 398

DAY 3 | Total Calories 983

Breakfast: 1 slice of cheddar cheese/cal.96 | 1 small apple/cal. 95 | 5 saltine crackers/cal. 210
Total Calories: 493

Lunch: 1 egg /cal. 78 | 1 slice of bread or toast/cal. 70
Total Calories: 148

Dinner: 1 cup of tuna/ cal. 152 | 1/2 banana/ cal. 53 | 1 cup of ice cream/cal. 137
Total Calories: 342

Click on the The Military Diet for all the info.

So now that I have finished my experiment on myself. I asked my husband if he would try it. The answer was NO! Ladies as we all know men can lose weight much quicker then women just for the simple fact they have more muscle. So if we have more muscle we will burn fat quicker too. So of to lifting weights I go!

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