Chicken Rolled Sun Dried Tomatoes

Italian Recipe! When I was with my mom while we were getting the house ready to go on the market, every weekend we would go through old recipe books and try one.

Chicken Rolled Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sometimes they came out so bad that we would throw it out and get pizza from down the street. The best part is that we would laugh and it brought up so many memories of my childhood in this home that we were now packing and fixing to move out.

Chicken Rolled Sun Dried Tomatoes

I had a friend tell me that once you sell your childhood house, you become an adult because you now create your own home. So I brought with me all my favorite pans and measuring cups with my special cooking tools and every time I use one of them it brings back a special memory of cooking with my mom but now we just do it in my home.

Here is one of the recipes that my mom and I made up one weekend and we both agreed “This is a keeper!” The ultimate Chicken Rolled Sun Dried Tomatoes.

Rolled Up Chicken with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Step 1- Chicken Rolled Sun Dried Tomatoes
1 pound of chicken breast
Pinch of salt & pepper
1 teaspoon of thyme
1 teaspoon of tarragon
2 tablespoon of goat cheese
The first thing you need to do is smash the chicken breast until it is nice and flat then sprinkle the spices on both sides. Take the goat cheese and spread evenly on the chicken breast. I use a butter knife to do this so it becomes a thin layer.

Step 2-Chicken Rolled Sun Dried Tomatoes
½ cup of sun-dried tomatoes sliced
1 cup of leeks sliced
2 tablespoon of olive oil
¼ cup of toasted pin nuts
In a saute pan drip your olive oil, once it gets a little hot put your sun dry tomatoes and leeks in the pan. Mix it around until it gets a little crisp. The smell of the two is heavenly when cooking. Toast the pine nuts in the pan until toasty and mix them in with the leeks and sun-dried tomatoes.

Step 3-Chicken Rolled Sun Dried Tomatoes
Heat oven at 375 degrees.

Step 4-Chicken Rolled Sun Dried Tomatoes
Take your chicken and spoon in the mixture. Roll up the chicken breast tightly and stick a tooth pick to tie the chicken at the bottom. Sprinkle olive oil in a glass pan and place the chicken with tooth picks side on the bottom. A dash of olive oil, salt and pepper on top and viola the chicken is off to the oven. This should cook for about 25 minutes but check because every oven is different.

Cost: $11.29 for 2

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