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Rice Custard

Making a traditional, gluten-free Portuguese Rice Custard Recipe for dessert is so easy. It's a must in my family for holidays. Let’s get started!

What Ingredients make this dessert?

1 cup rice 1 tsp salt 1 lemon, peel  4 cups water  3 cups milk  1 tsp vanilla  ⅔ cup sugar 2 egg yolks

Cooking Rice

Add the 4 cups of water, salt, a wedge of lemon, with a stick of cinnamon into the pot along with the rice. Start cooking the rice for about 15 minutes...

Custard Mix

In a separate bowl mix the egg yolk, vanilla and 1 cup of milk and stir. Turn your heat down and add the mixture to the rice in the pot while mixing steadily.


You can always add a little anise to the rice once it's done cooking with raisins for a little extra in the  Portuguese Rice Custard Recipe. Also, a little sprinkle of cinnamon is traditional before serving.

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