Summer Vacation in Plymouth MA

Summer Vacation in Plymouth, MA is a beautiful place for a summer vacation or just hanging out on the beach. I love the fishing and whale watching.

Over the years I would go out with my uncle and father to go deep sea fishing and you would see the whales swimming by the boat. It brings back special memories of being a kid without having any responsibilities.

The beaches are absolutely beautiful and you won’t find any big hotel on the shoreline. It’s the perfect place that I love to go to in the summer with a little, fishing, whaling watching or just laying on the beach to read a book.

Plymouth03The town is very small but gets really busy in the summer so if your planning a Summer Vacation, now is the time to book your stay. I always look for great deals from AirBnB or HomeAway. One other place that I love to find places to stay is

Plymouth06This Summer Vacation, I decided I would bring my nephew and have him see the wonders of my childhood that I had with my dad.
Plymouth4Plymouth09Plymouth21I wanted him to experiences the same feeling that I had when I would see the whales swim on by. Unfortunately he got sea sick half way through the trip – just like I did when I didn’t eat my orange like my uncle said when I was a child.
Plymouth22Something about eating an orange before you go out to sea will make you not get sick. (Ricky refused to eat the orange – I ate mine!)

Once he calm down, he said “It was the best adventure he ever had!” But he was starving and so it was time to search for the perfect bite. We ended up at  The Lobster Hut Plymouth MA. That was always the best part, eating seafood at the end. It was fresh and sweet and the best part was ice cream at the end.

If you want to go on a boat ride and whale watch with Caption John, here the website: Captain John

TRAVEL Essentials

THINGS I BRING for Whale Watching

  • Towels
  • Camera
  • Sea Sick pills
  • Bottled water
  • Ginger Ale for the boat trip
  • Oranges to eat before you get on the boat.
  • Saltines
  • Hat to keep the sun out of your eyes
  • Sun tan lotion

Places To STAY


  • Lobster Hut – Seafood
  • CupCake Charlie’s – Dessert
  • Fedele’s Chocolates – Chocolates


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