Pet Parade Imperial Point

Pet Parade Imperial Point
Pet Parade Imperial Point

The Annual Pet Parade Imperial Point showcases the neighborhood dogs and their proud owners. Every year the neighborhood community promotes this event so people can get out and walk to stay healthy.

It’s simple with your dog because they just lead the way. There is a proud feeling that an owner gets showing off there baby in their arms or throwing a Frisbee so they can catch. There are prizes given out to the best of show and raffles to win pet supplies. Then at the very end, the owner and their dog march threw the neighborhood with the whistle blowing! Absolutely adorable if you ask me.

I wondered to myself why don’t more neighborhoods do this? Or why not a National Neighborhood Pet Parade!!! You get to know your neighbors and share in a common bound but most of all you walk to stay healthy. Because just a 30 minute walk improve your heart, lungs and lowers cholesterol.

This link is what impressed me the most:

“A strong body of research suggests that walking and other forms of regular exercise can turn the dial way down on depression, stress, and anxiety.

Midlife Mood Improvement
That’s exactly what a recent 8-year study of pre- and postmenopausal women showed. Postmenopausal women who exercised 3 to 7.5 hours per week reported lower levels of stress compared to women who exercised just over an hour per week. Two additional benefits seen in postmenopausal women on the high end of that exercise scale: less depression and anxiety compared to their less inactive counterparts. Feel good and look good.”


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