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Champagne Drinks for Dessert

Champagne Drinks for Dessert
Reims, France Recipe! I love to have Champagne Drinks for Dessert, which is traditionally served with strawberries and biscuits in Reims, France.Now I can bring some of my tradition right here to the United States just by clicking on Amazon and ordering my Rose Biscuits from Fossier which are still made in Reims, France.

Travel Reims France

Reims France Travel Guide

Cathedral of Notre DameThere are many things to do when visiting Reims France. I would recommend a 2 day excursion from Paris if you would like to experiences traditional French culture.Unlike Paris, it has kept to what French towns were like 30 years ago. With it’s enriched history dating back to the 13th century, bistro with the finest French cuisine and let us not forget the best champagne tasting in the world.