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Fall Vegetables at the Farmers Market

Fall Vegetables can be found in abundance this time of year. The best pumpkins and apples are filled in crates with so much more at the Farmers Market. We went to Spicknall’s Farm Market on this beautiful day.

Fall Vegetables at the Farmers Market

I always try to buy my vegetables on a road trip by a farm stand. Vegetables are always so much cheaper and tasty. So this weekend I decided to drive a little further out of the city to find some Fall Vegetables on a farm with a farm stand.

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Couples Getaway in Virginia

Couples Getaway in Virginia for Fall

Couples Getaway in Virginia is the ideal place to relax. Not to mention the official slogan on every licenses plate says, “Virginia is for Lovers.”

The beauty of Virginia is that you go one direction, the mountains appear, another direction and I’m in the Atlantic Ocean. The fall season for Couples Getaway in Virginia makes it relaxing.

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