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Browse my travel journal to Washington DC. A budget vacations along with places to eat when exploring new places. Best of all, where ever I go I always search for the perfect bite!

Travel Tips for Washington DC

After 3 years of living in the area, we have come up with a few Travel Tips for Washington DC.

We love to travel but the most important thing to me for my travel plans is saving money so I can stay on a budget. I will share with you all our great tips on traveling through Washington D.C. and how easy it is to stay on a budget when touring the Capitol.

DC Food Trucks

DC Food Trucks are a Big Attraction so I always take friends and family to tour the Capitol while the […]

Renwick Gallery in Washington DC

Renwick Gallery in Washington DC has the No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man exhibit. The interesting part is the walking tour outside of the Renwick.

Renwick Gallery in Washington DC
There are six sculptures displayed from Burning Man are on the DC streets to enjoy. This is truly what you would call Museum without Walls. READ More>