Author: Lizzy

Pineapple Summer Cocktail

United States, Recipe from Utah! A cool and refreshing Pineapple Summer Cocktail for the summer. It’s simple to make but also gluten-free and vegan with no-sugar added.

I discovered this cocktail from my trip to Utah. Somethings sticks to my taste buds and become a special memory from my trip. We had it for brunch and both Jeff and I loved it, which is not always the case with cocktails. He likes them sweet and I like them bitter and hate anything sweet as a cocktail.

10 Things to do in Utah

I went to Utah for my birthday and it was the perfect 4 day getaway.

Salt Lake City Utah
Let me share with you my favorite things to do in Utah, plus places to eat, that made this a great trip for me. The first thing I did was make a list of what I wanted to see and do. Nothing prepared me for the mass mountains that surround Salt Lake City when landing at the airport.