Author: Lizzy

What is Foie Gras a Classic French Appetizer

French Recipe! What is Foie Gras? A Classic French favorite that you either love or hate. Some say it is an acquired taste but the French will disagree with you. A holiday favorite that you will find in Parisian house hold.

Foie Gras on a platter

They will tell you that most people that try it for the first time will love it a life time or never try it again. This seems to be true for me and Jeff. I love it, have  since I was a child and would ask for it with a piece of bread. Jeff on the other hand tried it for the first time and almost could not speak for an hour from drinking the water down to kill the taste! He wants to try everything and so far fois gras and beef tartar are not on the list as favorites. Keep in mind, its not cheap to make either!

Family Reunion in Reims France

My visit with family members and enjoying some French Food was the perfect family reunion in Reims France. It is always a time of laughter and tears when I have the pleasure of visiting friends and family that are so far away.The Parisienne culture still tend to have family and friends come over on Sunday to share the day together. Picnics and cookouts where very special with our families while we lived in France. I still remember being surrounded by food with my father and uncle were cooking on the grill along with a glass of wine in one hand.